Sunday, February 9, 2014

Good News For Lonely Christians!

Let me start by saying that my faith is hugely important to me, and my choice to follow Jesus was a deeply personal one and by far the biggest yet most rewarding commitment of my life. God did not intend for us to be lonely, and references His intent for us to marry and have children many times in the Bible. Christian dating really isn't much different from the way anyone else dates, except we do not engage in casual sex. However, like many other women of faith, I live in a small town and so struggle to meet men who share my beliefs, or at least who respect them and are willing to date in a way that involves getting to know each other without jumping into bed. ChristianMingle changed that, and this blog post details why (if you seek genuine Christian dating) you will find them useful.

I decided to find Christian dating online and widen my social circle that way, and, I have many interests apart from my faith, modern technology being one of them! I think the internet is a great way of meeting people, and especially connecting over shared interests. I tried several so-called Christian dating sites but was very unimpressed as there seemed to be no actual Christian aspect to them and the men I met expected more than I was willing to give ("Why don't you put out?" one man said to me). Another girl at my church suggested I try ChristianMingle because they were different.. and I am so glad I did!

Honestly, I was impressed with ChristianMingle from the start, their site has a genuine feel to it and makes it clear what Christian dating is. There are groups within the site that you can join, and get to know others via conversation. I chatted with several guys and eventually I took the plunge and went on a double date with my church friend (something encouraged in Christian dating as it is like having a chaperone) but I didn't hit it off with the guy, although we are now good friends.

I got talking to a man a few towns over from where I live and we really clicked, and soon were talking about what we both wanted from life.. our goals were the same! I had some reservations about meeting but Jim put my mind at ease, making it clear he respected our shared faith enough not to rush things. He just wanted us to get to know each other :)

After a few months our relationship deepened and we began dating exclusively as we realized we had something very special together. Jim proposed to me on my birthday and we are now planning our wedding which will be at Jim's church. I am very excited to begin our married life together and I am so very glad I chose to keep my virginity to share with him!

ChristianMingle was instrumental in myself and Jim meeting. I also made a lot of friends there who I still socialize with. It really is a wonderful Christian dating site, because Christian values truly are emphasized, and so, it attracts genuine people of faith. This site meshes Christianity with the modern world, and I love it for that reason too. I am most definitely a girl who likes to have fun and express myself!

Best of all, ChristianMingle is totally free, so ideal for those who disagree with dating, and especially Christian dating, being a consumer product. If you are a lonely Christian, or lonely and exploring Christian faith, you'll be very happy with this site. Every denomination is represented and all states in our beautiful nation. It is so incredibly refreshing to see a Christian dating site that truly gets it right and where the focus is on faith, and dating responsibly.